Works in Progress (working titles only)

Updated 10/27/2018

  • Milk Carton Universe 
    • “A man jeopardizes the world with a carton of expired soy milk.” 
  • Birthday Kitten 
    • “A girl searches for a birthday gift in her aunt’s spooky green house.”
  • Day Notes 
    • “A nurse practitioner reflects on a recent rash of inexplicably outlandish happenings.”
  • Happy Red Couches
    • “A repulsive red couch stalks the only man to ever compliment it.” 
  • Pemberton Lane 
    • “The eccentricities living in the other houses along the lane must be confronted in order to learn the fate of a friend.”
  • Phantasy Night Zoo 
    • […]
  • The Interpreter 
    • […]
  • Nana Ana’s Secret Hideout
    • “Anders inherited some unusual things from his late Nana Ana including a secret hideaway in Norway called “the island bungalow.” Armed with a few vague clues, Anders and his best friend trek into the Norwegian wilderness to meet a new side of kooky grandmother.” 
  • Nana Ana’s Secret Hideout, Sequel 
    • […]
  • Villainy 
    • “An intergalactic fugitive admires a military hero who fights for perceived justice.” 
  • Imaginary Friends
    • “A brother teams up with his sister’s imaginary friends to rescue her.” 
  • Doctor Volkow
    • […]



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