Title: Villainy [editing]

Genre: Science fiction

Captain Hiroh Finner pursues an infamous master of terror who is brilliant and nonsensical – and who also happens to be his biggest fan.

Title: Phantasy Night Zoo [near completion]

Genre: Fantasy

The Maye Botanical Garden is a gateway to sentient dreams and incredible adventure. If you manage to visit that magical place, the zookeeper will welcome you. Heed his words, mind the owls, don’t talk to the lampposts—and you just might survive the greatest adventure of your life.

nanaanawattpadTitle: Nana Ana’s Secret Hideout [editing]

Genre: Fantasy

Anders inherited some unusual things from his late Nana Ana including a secret hideaway in Norway called “the island bungalow.” Armed with a few vague clues, Anders and his childhood friend Eirik trek into the Norwegian wilderness to meet a new side of his kooky grandmother.


Bottom of the Inkwell [Status: first draft in progress]

Genre: Fantasy

Nelson Botto and his friend meet with a writer who weaves tales with magic. However, when their meeting goes awry, they are immersed in a living, breathing world of unpublished fiction where stale first drafts and clichés go to become permanent rust spots in time. And the only way out is through.

Scenes NEWWorking Title: Scenes [ongoing]

This is a collection of short stories — stories to which I refer fondly as “scenes.”

Read Here: in the blog category “Scenes” (this one has neat-o images to go with each short fiction. So if you like pictures, this option is for you.)



the phantoms' interpreterTitle: The Phantoms’ Interpreter [NaNoWriMo 2017: first draft reached 50,000+ word goal]

Genre: Fantasy

Josef Kant is assigned as liaison to a telepathic interpreter who is integral to opening a dialogue with the creatures from the realm next-door.



de novoTitle: De Novo [1st draft only]

Genre: Thriller/Suspense (tentatively)

When assassin Alexi Payumo is summoned to a city to which he didn’t want to return, he is confronted with friends, foes, and quite possibly a new beginning. (Note: I love the first draft of this story. LOVE it. It might be full of holes but I get a kick out of it every time I stumble across it.)