Belief and Event

The Paradox of History by Nicola Chiaromonte (1970) investigates the idea of History by assessing literature (e.g. Tolstoy, Stendhal, etc.) which gave me some things to think about in terms of (and maybe apply to) my fictional people, relationships, and events. Here are a few of those things: Belief  Culminates in thought which is externalized … Continue reading Belief and Event

Evil’s Plan

Eric Hardwood stepped out on the platform overlooking the deserted main level of the reactor facility and sank onto the stairs. He'd been stopping criminals and saving people as the superhero Waveform since his sophomore year of college. And now, decked out in Waveform's midnight blue hero-suit, he leaned elbows on knees, disregarded the flashing … Continue reading Evil’s Plan

Writing Prompt Help!

Jennifer Hilty is looking for prompt ideas. She's asking for: "A thing and a mood." (Examples: Squid/Happy, Apple/Sad, House/Confused, etc.) Leave your ideas in the comments here: Jennifer's Prompt Post [She writes fantasy/science fiction - in light of that, I submitted "planet/delightful". She didn't specify how long the submission window will be open but she posted … Continue reading Writing Prompt Help!

In Transition

One week after spring finals, I begin my last semester of grad school (WOOOOOOO yeeeeaaaaah!! AHAHAHA, oh FINALLY!!!). It makes me happy. The LAST Semester    A couple of writing goals will be met these next 3-ish months: First, it might seem like Villainy (science fiction - involves space travel) left for a solo trip … Continue reading In Transition

New Old Names

When I hear "Sherlock," I think of highly functioning sociopaths. When I hear "Dean," I think of brotherhood and loyalty. When I hear "Doctor," I do not think of my general practitioner (sorry, Doc). Impressions given by and historically attached to names influence how we assign them in fiction. Presently we seem to take those … Continue reading New Old Names

Nana Ana’s Secret Hideout, conclusion

Tropical waters. Lustrous sands. A patch of palms and seaside grasses. The tiny island, its bungalow and the surrounding waters were encircled by a stone fence like a Frisbee in a kiddy pool - a magical costal locale in the middle of the Norwegian wilderness. Nana's island bungalow. Anders almost dropped the panda cub. "It's an actual island." Beside him, Eirik grinned. "Indeed," … Continue reading Nana Ana’s Secret Hideout, conclusion