Tales Told by Family

Remember that phenomenon I nicknamed "The Man in the Attic"? Well, I like to think my immediate family also possesses a creative streak, and frequently uses it entertain others by recounting real life adventures in animated and imaginative ways. Or (in my father's case) sometimes they fabricate tall tales just to see who falls for … Continue reading Tales Told by Family


A Simile Varnish

I know I've mentioned this before but real people are the main source of inspiration for my fictional troupe. People are amazing and unpredictable, and every experience among them teaches. Without further ado, an experience of mine. Adventures in Dentistry: Meeting Mr. Hoyle During my awkward first months as a dental assistant, the receptionist Claire … Continue reading A Simile Varnish

Teaching Curiosity

I think Curiosity is right up there with Creativity - it's challenging to relay, with no guaranteed result, and yet is vital to the artistic process. And honing it is weird. I think most stuff out there now is "how-to" with step-by-step methods of being creative, straight forward instruction of where to look for "ideas," … Continue reading Teaching Curiosity

Professional Audience

What do teachers think when they grade written assignments? I think most student papers probably fall between the two extremes: (EXCELLENT) so clever and grammatically glorious that teachers glow with approval, and (*&^%?!) so disappointing they don't know how to grade it fairly without dipping it in red paint and placing it solemnly atop a funeral pyre. Captive Audience Just like in fiction writing, I consider … Continue reading Professional Audience