Quotes From The Collection

This week has been all about packing up my apartment to move home and, as a result, I haven't come up with a single edited-to-death post that I'd be super proud to publish. However, on the up side, I have done a heck of a lot of talking to myself. (If you didn't already know, … Continue reading Quotes From The Collection


Teaching Curiosity

I think Curiosity is right up there with Creativity - it's challenging to relay, with no guaranteed result, and yet is vital to the artistic process. And honing it is weird. I think most stuff out there now is "how-to" with step-by-step methods of being creative, straight forward instruction of where to look for "ideas," … Continue reading Teaching Curiosity

Professional Audience

What do teachers think when they grade written assignments? I think most student papers probably fall between the two extremes: (EXCELLENT) so clever and grammatically glorious that teachers glow with approval, and (*&^%?!) so disappointing they don't know how to grade it fairly without dipping it in red paint and placing it solemnly atop a funeral pyre. Captive Audience Just like in fiction writing, I consider … Continue reading Professional Audience