The Phantoms’ Interpreter

This year I'll be participating in National Novel Writing Month for the first time, and I'll be using a story idea that I have not yet thoroughly developed (I'm totally using this as an excuse to play with unknowns, which is always a blast).  The Phantoms' Interpreter Author: "Tea and Ideas" (my NaNoWriMo name) Genre: … Continue reading The Phantoms’ Interpreter


In Transition

One week after spring finals, I begin my last semester of grad school (WOOOOOOO yeeeeaaaaah!! AHAHAHA, oh FINALLY!!!). It makes me happy. The LAST Semester    A couple of writing goals will be met these next 3-ish months: First, it might seem like Villainy (science fiction - involves space travel) left for a solo trip … Continue reading In Transition

Works in Progress

Please allow me to introduce two of my babies: Villainy Genre: Science Fiction, Novel Anticipated Completion: Fall 2016 A Tidbit: Despite being a much-loved symbol of hope, Captain Hiroh Finner feels only murderous intent which is reserved entirely for a certain master of terror. He has hunted this man across galaxies for fifteen years. A brilliant, evil … Continue reading Works in Progress