Amphibian Adventures in Space!

Last week I read "Frogs in Space" by dasmurmeltier90. It's a three part short fiction (~five minute read max) and I really, REALLY enjoyed it. "Frogs in Space": Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 If you like fun stories, I recommend you check it out!


A New Year’s First Readings

When I was at University, Anton read a book he thought was amazing and suggested I dig it up at the campus castle (library). I tried to get my hands on it until the day I graduated but that thing was always out on loan! Argh! And then, about a week ago, Anton managed to … Continue reading A New Year’s First Readings

Belief and Event

The Paradox of History by Nicola Chiaromonte (1970) investigates the idea of History by assessing literature (e.g. Tolstoy, Stendhal, etc.) which gave me some things to think about in terms of (and maybe apply to) my fictional people, relationships, and events. Here are a few of those things: Belief  Culminates in thought which is externalized … Continue reading Belief and Event

Writer Tip c. 1960

After class I was chillin' with my bro, aka Campus Library, when I found an aisle with rows upon rows of writing/literature books sporting a nice undisturbed layer of dust. (It's like finding buried treasure --  I'm guaranteed to find pages upon which not one pair of eyes of my fellow 50,000+ students had rested in who knows how long. And … Continue reading Writer Tip c. 1960

Bookstore Recon

One of my top reasons to be in a bookstore (not the library) is to analyze current fiction. One of my favorite topics of study: story beginnings. The Art of Storytelling   I base how and what I write on what moves me. If I adore a certain character in a show, I figure out why. If I want … Continue reading Bookstore Recon