Meet Duri

Hello! My name is Duri and I’m an amateur writer and illustrator from the sunny state of Florida.

I have a background in the medical field; my highest education is a Master of Science; I’ve coached college, nannied kiddies, trained horses; Victorian era lit is my all time favorite; I name everything (e.g. garden = “tiny forest”, gardening = “playing in the dirt”, candy = “sugary death”, violin = “noise-maker”); and I read and write for enjoyment snow king looms(my favorite genres include adventure and speculative fiction).

My storytelling endeavors include: short stories, novel-length fiction & graphic novels.

It took me a while to reach this point in my writing but now I’m ready and there’s an arsenal of fiction waiting to see daylight. I’m excited. Like swallows from a cave, it’s time I let ’em fly!



23 thoughts on “Meet Duri

  1. Tibaqi says:

    You are an interesting person ! I like the way you think and the way you write !
    I don’t know how you can read as many books; I can’t concentrate on books ahah..
    Your sketches are beautiful ! I love the hand !

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    • Duri Rolvsson says:

      Thank you very much! Actually, I NEED to keep reading books. For school, I’m required to read many scientific papers and research articles so, if I don’t read other things, my fiction writing starts to sound like a research paper. By the way, I like your art style! I’m looking forward to more of it!

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  2. cyndimacmillan says:

    Awesome site, Duri! I love how you have included works-in-progress. Your blogs are inspiring. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m still learning the ropes, here. You’ve made WordPress a much warmer place. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs. Cheers!

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  3. paulapederson says:

    Glad to meet you and your writing Duri.I’ve been writing for years, blogging for 2, and preparing to publish a memoir this winter which leaves little time for reading and writing. Thanks for the follow, I’ll follow yours too.

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  4. riverfox237 says:

    Hey, first of all, A HUGE THANK YOU for linking my post asking for writing prompts! I was feeling a bit bummed this weekend as I hadn’t gotten any prompts yet and now I have like TEN and they are all SUPER FUN and I am excited to get started. 😀 Secondly, thank you for the follow! I hope you find a few of my stories entertaining! ^^ And thirdly, dang your site seems fun and you seem like a cool guy with a good sense of humor (an invaluable writing tool!), I think I shall follow you back! Happy writing!

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    • Duri Rolvsson says:

      You’re very welcome, Jennifer!

      In April I did something similar (asking for prompts) and it made me ridiculously happy when people played along. So when I saw your post, I got excited.
      Me: [reading your post] “Oooooh, she’s gonna have so much fun – I must comment. People, we must leave comments. I must recruit the people so they can leave many things, and there will be stories and fun and how does reblogging work, I’ve never reblogged anything, I don’t know what I’m doing!” And that’s how that happened. I see Megan left a few (Megan = my bff). Excellent.

      By the way – you own a chinchilla named “Pikachewbacca”? I’m jealous. (If the name of your chinchilla is any indication, I think I’m going to enjoy your stories.) See you around!

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      • riverfox237 says:

        Well I am ridiculously happy that it made you ridiculously happy and that you helped me out! Honestly I’m getting really excited about several of these and will probably do multiple stories from them. XD

        Indeed I do, although I mostly call her Chewie for short. She has an instagram if you are interested in seeing her shenanigans: I hope you do enjoy! 😀 Please let me know if you do so I will know if I have succeeded!

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