Thoughts on the New Year

Clearly I didn't finish all those scenes/stories before the January 1st. That's okay (I've come to terms that I'm always behind on writing). I had good times with family this December. Now the kids are headed back to school, Anton's back at university, and the adults are all returning to regular workdays. Anton and I … Continue reading Thoughts on the New Year


First Day of Summer

Flanked by two hardback wheeled suitcases at either ankle, Gaston waited on the curb, watching the families from the surrounding low income area enjoy the sunbathed park across the narrow street. Behind him loomed an aged apartment complex---a concrete eyesore---which had been his home for the past ten years while he worked, attended university, and … Continue reading First Day of Summer

Log on the Beach

Sitting cross-legged on firm went sand, 11-year-old Makayla balanced on her knee an open notebook, thick and repeatedly rebound with leather thongs, and gently scribbled on a fresh page with an extremely short, dirt-stained pencil. She wrote: I didn't write the last six days but I had a good reason. A huge storm hit the … Continue reading Log on the Beach