Writing Prompt Help!

Jennifer Hilty is looking for prompt ideas. She's asking for: "A thing and a mood." (Examples: Squid/Happy, Apple/Sad, House/Confused, etc.) Leave your ideas in the comments here: Jennifer's Prompt Post [She writes fantasy/science fiction - in light of that, I submitted "planet/delightful". She didn't specify how long the submission window will be open but she posted … Continue reading Writing Prompt Help!

In Transition

One week after spring finals, I begin my last semester of grad school (WOOOOOOO yeeeeaaaaah!! AHAHAHA, oh FINALLY!!!). It makes me happy. The LAST Semester    A couple of writing goals will be met these next 3-ish months: First, it might seem like Villainy (science fiction - involves space travel) left for a solo trip … Continue reading In Transition

New Old Names

When I hear "Sherlock," I think of highly functioning sociopaths. When I hear "Dean," I think of brotherhood and loyalty. When I hear "Doctor," I do not think of my general practitioner (sorry, Doc). Impressions given by and historically attached to names influence how we assign them in fiction. Presently we seem to take those … Continue reading New Old Names

Nana Ana’s Secret Hideout, conclusion

Tropical waters. Lustrous sands. A patch of palms and seaside grasses. The tiny island, its bungalow and the surrounding waters were encircled by a stone fence like a Frisbee in a kiddy pool - a magical costal locale in the middle of the Norwegian wilderness. Nana's island bungalow. Anders almost dropped the panda cub. "It's an actual island." Beside him, Eirik grinned. "Indeed," … Continue reading Nana Ana’s Secret Hideout, conclusion

Nana Ana’s Secret Hideout, pt. 5

Anders couldn't sprint for much longer. After 250 meters of adrenaline-fueled flight, he and Eirik desperately closed in on the cottage's slate grey door on the far side of the field. They shouted - screaming 'hello,' hoping someone was home. Neither stole a glance behind them. They didn't need to. They knew it was still there because the panda that Eirik carried … Continue reading Nana Ana’s Secret Hideout, pt. 5