Amphibian Adventures in Space!

Last week I read "Frogs in Space" by dasmurmeltier90. It's a three part short fiction (~five minute read max) and I really, REALLY enjoyed it. "Frogs in Space": Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 If you like fun stories, I recommend you check it out!


Change of Plans

Heads up, I'm postponing self-publication of "Pemberton Lane and Other Stories." Why? Backstory Time There's this unofficial, totally made-up thing called the I.B. Syndrome* . In high school the I.B. Program was made up of a small cluster of the nerdiest nerds I have ever met. (You know those stereotypes where you have the smart … Continue reading Change of Plans

The Cloud

The hour commute home offered two routes. The first option entailed a stop-and-go jaunt through the city, while the second offered a more scenic ride along a winding, sometimes tree-choked, sometimes field-lined country road. This breezeless autumn evening oral surgeon Dr. Paolo "Doc" Carbonero opted for scenic drive particularly since he found its quiescence reminiscent … Continue reading The Cloud